AST - Re-Gen Robotic’s Machine in action

Tank is drained down to suction level by the customer.

Re-Gen Robotic’s machine, ADR tanker, control unit and fully trained operational crew arrive on site and set up in Zone 1.

The tanker and trailer arrive on site.

The container/office is craned from the trailer and placed in a suitable location on site.

Re-Gen Robotic’s tank cleaning machine is lifted from the container by crane and placed inside the bund area by crane.

Ramps are fixed to the entry hatch of the storage tank.

The robot is connected to the vacuum and high pressure water from the ADR tanker.

The machine enters the tank, removes all sludge and waste material from the floor of the tank using suction power.

It has an adjustable suction for varied sludge depth.

The operator can fully monitor all activity from the control unit.

A series of cameras fixed to the machine and inside the container allows the operator to review progress at all stages and immediately identify and resolve any issues.

Once work is complete, the machine washes the entire surface and walls (up to first weld) using high pressure water. The machine then washes itself down inside the cleaned container and is returned to the control unit by crane.

Equipment and waste product is then removed from the site and the tank/vessel can be safely put back into use.

Re-Gen Robotic’s machine can be used across all number of industries;

The cleaning of sewage plants and pumping stations operated by local authorities

The petrochemical industry: cleaning at large scale tank farms, local depots and forecourts

Industrial oil and water storage facilities;

Agricultural storage and agrifood production sites: slurry tank cleaning and dairy waste product;

Pharmaceutical plants; above the ground and underground storage tanks, bunds, lagoons and interceptors.


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