Health & Safety

Safety Focused

At no time during the cleaning process will there be a need for human presence in the confined space.

Re-Gen Robotic’s operator will remain in the Zone 1 control unit, where they can monitor activity and progress through a series of ATEX cameras and gas monitoring equipment fixed to the equipment placed inside the tank being cleaned.

There is no human exposure to sludge or waste materials during the process and once cleaning is complete, the machine safely exits the container via its ramp and is returned to the control unit.



Every year around 25 people in the UK & Ireland lose their lives working in confined spaces, due to exposure to harmful materials, heat, fumes and gases.

Aside from the very negative impacts to organisations associated with loss of life through confined space working, there is damage to organisational reputation, company and shareholder value and the risk of corporate manslaughter charges to consider.

Re-Gen Robotics eliminates the necessity of entering these tanks and in doing so eliminates the risk to life.

"Every one of our employees is a spouse, a parent, a sibling, a child…it is our responsibility as a company to ensure that they return home safely after a day’s work!" 
Fintan Duffy, Managing Director


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