• Underground forecourt fuel storage tanks
    Underground forecourt fuel storage tanks
    ReGen Robotics have the solution when it comes to underground storage tank cleaning, without the need for personnel to enter into the confined space. Utilising our bespoke Zone 0 certified mini robotic tank cleaning machine, we can enter an underground tank via a 450mm diameter manhole. The robot is lowered into the tank using a small crane. High pressure water and suction are connected to the robot. The operator controls the entire operation from the safety of the office using Zone 0 cameras p

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  • Depot fuel storage tanks
    Depot fuel storage tanks
    ReGen Robotics have the solution when it comes to NO MAN ENTRY depot tank cleaning. Our bespoke Zone 0 robot can enter manholes as small as 450mm and completely clean 360 degrees of the tank while recording the entire operation on the CCTV mounted Zone 0 camera system. The ADR tanker can be parked up to 10m from the tank and the robotic equipment can be lifted up to the tank lid and then lowered into the tank. We do not require scaffolding on any bespoke access equipment. WE supply the complete

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  • Terminal storage tanks
    Terminal storage tanks
    Regardless of the nature of the tanks, ie, vertical, horizontal, overground, underground, etc. ReGen Robotics have the solution for 0% MAN ENTRY TANK CLEANING. Our bespoke equipment has been designed to operate in the most inhospitable environments. With specialised access cranes, remote camera systems and Engineering expertise, we can clean any size or shape of tank. On completion, the customer will be supplied with CCTV file of the complete operation.

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  • Refinery tanks
    Refinery tanks
    Our Zone 0 tank cleaning equipment has been used to remove Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), Medium Fuel Oil (MFO) etc, from tanks in refineries in Holland, Germany and Singapore. With NO MAN ENTRY, required, this equipment has proved to be a SAFER, CLEANER and MORE EFFICENT means of cleaning storage tanks. Using specialised Zone 0 augers, the robotic equipment will make easy work of solid materials while causing no potential for spark inside the vessel. Material is removed from the tank under suction and

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  • Pharmaceutical Tanks
    Pharmaceutical Tanks
    We supply a complete solution to 0% MAN ENTRY TANK CLEANING. Our robotic equipment complete with stainless steel cameras can be used to clean almost every chemical or process tank on any Pharmaceutical Facility. Our stainless-steel robotic equipment can be inserted into vertical, horizontal, overground or underground tank. Stainless steel ramp systems can be placed into the tank to allow the equipment to enter the tank. Our equipment can enter tanks with manholes as small as 450mm. Once inside

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  • Local Authority pumping chambers
    Local Authority pumping chambers
    ReGen Robotics have a complete range of robotic, NO MAN ENTRY equipment capable of entering pumping chambers, holding tanks, settling tanks etc. Our equipment is fitted with auger systems capable of cutting rags from sumps inside the pumping chamber to enable the onboard suction to remove the waste from the chamber. All works are viewed using onboard CCTV from the control room placed in a safe area. Robotic equipment is lifted into position and then operated from the control room. Full video C

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